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dissertation writing service

Have you been struggling to write your dissertation?  While you might feel like you are the only person who has ever faced this challenge, having a problem completing your dissertation is actually so common that there is an acronym for it- A.B.D., which stands for “all but dissertation.”  It is a term for people who have done all of the research and other required work to get their PhD’s, but who have yet to finish their dissertations.

Why is writing a dissertation such a challenge?  There are a number of reasons that this penultimate academic challenge is so frustrating for people.  First, it is far lengthier than almost any other type of academic writing.  This can make it an extremely challenging project to write, even for strong writers.  In addition, it requires a specific type of writing, where all of the claims in the paper are backed up by meticulous research.  Even if you have been a consistently good researcher, you may find gaps in your research.

Even more alarming, if you have not been a consistently good researcher, you may have found that you were able to fake your way through some of grad school, but that you do not have the research you need for a quality dissertation.   In this case, you are faced with not only writing a dissertation, but also handling all of the research required to write a quality dissertation.  It can be overwhelming and, can, in all honesty, threaten your chances of graduating on time.

You have come to the “write” place.  We work with a team of professional researchers and writers who come from a wide variety of academic and professional backgrounds.  We can find the writer who is the right fit for your project, and can not only provide you with the writing assistance that you need, but also help you with research.  In fact, in many ways, we can act as your virtual research assistant, following your directions to get the information that you need, but do not have the time to research yourself!

One of the benefits of our service is that we focus solely on academic writing projects.  Our writers are ready to step in and help, whether you need a little help, such as someone to proofread your finished project, more extensive editing, or a cover-to-cover dissertation project.


While the word “dissertation” applies to any long essay about a particular subject, it is most often employed in the United States to refer to the capstone writing project in a PhD program.  Therefore, a dissertation is more than an essay; it is a complex writing project that is meant to synthesize all of your years of study in your field.

Moreover, every academic institution has its own guidelines for dissertations.   These guidelines may be relatively generic, such as telling you to follow APA, Chicago, or MLA style.  They may also be more complex, outlining grammar and usage rules specific to the university, and describing academic criteria that you must meet in order to have your dissertation accepted by your dissertation committee.  In fact, at most universities, writing your dissertation is almost a collaborative process, with significant input from advisors and other committee members before you turn in a finished project.

One question that people frequently ask is “how long should my dissertation be?”  Dissertations are, by definition, long essays about a topic.  They are expected to be in-depth.  However, the specific length of a dissertation depends on a variety of factors.  Your university may have official guidelines in terms of length.  However, even if does not, they may have unofficial guidelines.  Almost all universities maintain an archive of prior dissertations.  By looking at dissertations that have previously been accepted by your university, you get a great idea of how long your university expects your dissertation to be.   Most dissertations fall somewhere in the range between 100 to 200 pages.


For some students, learning a little more about the dissertation process can make the process of writing one less daunting.  For others, the more you know about writing a dissertation, the more certain you are that you do not want to write one.

We understand that perspective.  Without getting into an in-depth analysis of modern academia, suffice it to say that the skills required to write an outstanding dissertation are only tangentially related to most areas of study.  You can be an expert in your field and still dread writing a dissertation about your research topic.  The writing process is not for everyone, and many people have real life conflicts, such as busy work or personal lives, that make it impossible to find the time to dedicate to the dissertation process.

We are there to fill in the gap.  Our custom dissertation writing service is geared at providing excellent example dissertations for busy students to use in their own writing process.  We write your order to meet your specifications.  Every dissertation we provide is 100% unique for each customer, and complies with details including: topic, writing style, length, number and type of sources, and any additional notes and specifications you include.  The result is a perfect template for a dissertation on your study topic.

Our Writers

Of course, we are not the only dissertation writing service out there, so you may be wondering why you should choose us.  Well, your dissertation is a very big deal, and a poorly written example can threaten your academic success.  We know this, which is why we only work with the very best writers in the business.  We have been preparing high-quality academic work for our customers for almost two decades.  Many of our writers have been with us since our early days, and have helped us develop our reputation for the highest-quality academic writing at prices our customers can afford.

What do we look for in a writer?  Well, we look for someone who can write well.  All of our writers must meet our rigorous minimum standards; must have a master’s degree or higher in their areas of expertise, they must be native-English speaking U.S.-based writers, and they must be excellent researchers.  However, more than that, they must write well.  We only work with writers after reviewing several samples of their academic writing and we do not continue our relationships with them unless they continue to produce that same high-quality content for our customers.


If you are looking to have your entire dissertation created for you, from scratch, then you are looking at a fairly expensive project.  You will find services with lower prices and services with much higher prices, but we do not think you will find any company that is more affordable.

What do we mean by affordable?  Well, first, let us be clear with you that we are not the cheapest academic writing company out there.  However, we are not trying to be.  In order to provide cheap prices, you have to be willing to provide low-quality content.  We are not willing to do that.  Instead, our goal is to provide the best combination of low prices and high quality for our customers.  That is what affordable means to us, and we offer affordable pricing for our customers.

What does affordable mean?  Our prices start as low as $18 per page and range up to $39 per page for rush orders.  We also offer some freebies and incentives for larger projects, which our customer service representatives can explain after hearing details specific to your dissertation project.


My dissertation committee rejected my initial dissertation.  Frantic, I turned here for help.  My writer worked with the research I had completed to craft an entirely different approach for me.    – Jamie L

Can’t say I would use again, because having my dissertation complete means I am done with school, but I would highly recommend to other struggling students! – Lauren G

Thanks to you, I am now a PhD instead of an ABD! – Crystal M

How We Can Help You

As a professional academic writing service, we provide help at all stages of the writing process. Whether you need a proofreader for a completed dissertation, editing to help you turn a rough draft into a finished project, research assistance, or an entire dissertation project; we can help you.


Life is busy and working towards your PhD is stressful and difficult. We can help you with that process, by providing you with the highest quality research and writing available at prices that even struggling students can afford.

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