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One of the most important pieces of academic or professional writing you may ever need to tackle is your resume, yet few people are taught how to write a high-quality resume that gets them noticed. In fact, many people tackle resumes like they would tackle any other academic writing assignment, only to be disappointed when they do not get interviews or phone calls.

This is because resumes are different than academic writing. In a resume, you have to market a commodity and make sure it stands out above the competition. What makes this so difficult for people is that you are the commodity, and it can be very difficult for an individual to walk the line between self-promotion and bragging.

At Student Network Resources, our freelance writers have been helping people write eye-catching industry-specific resumes since 1998. A lot has changed since then, and our writers have kept up with industry changes and with overall changes in the hiring process, so that they know how to most effectively help you market yourself to potential employers.

Of course, the resume is only one part of the modern job search. Serious job-seekers want to make sure that they have well-written profiles on LinkedIn and any industry-specific websites with a similar focus. Our team of freelance writers can help you create a profile that sells your skills to prospective employers in a way that incorporates all of your experience and highlights your professional or academic connections.

We have been helping clients with their resumes for almost 20 years and have helped many of our customers transition from students to employees or move up the corporate ladder as they transition from position to position or change employers. Try Student Network Resources for your resume and learn how to market your experience and skills.

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